InstaScreen is an efficient way to filter candidates in the pre screening round. Once a candidate applies for the job they will get a questionnaire and Instascreen automatically screens them based on their responses. Let's see how you can set this up in this article.

InstaScreen feature is only available for users under our Subscription Plan.

How to enable InstaScreen on your jobs?

To enable InstaScreen follow these steps:

Go to the third step i.e. "Extras" while posting or editing a job.
Toggle the switch under "InstaScreen" to enable it for the job.

You can select the questionnaire from the drop down menu.

Please note questionnaire upto 10 questions are allowed for instascreen.

You can also preview the questionnaire how it will look to candidates.

After switching on Instascreen the selected questionnaire will be a part of the job application form for candidates whenever they apply. It will look like below,

Post filling the questionnaire. Instascreen automatically pre screens candidates and sends them to Questionnaire Qualified and Rejected Stage based on their responses.

You can learn more about creating a questionnaire, managing it and viewing candidate responses on this article. Questionnaire
That's all about Instascreen feature. In a few clicks all your candidate prescreening problems are solved with this feature.

Updated on: 14/03/2024

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