Questionnaires on Instahyre are an option to create pre screening questions or assessments for candidates to evaluate their skills. Lets see all about questionnaire in this article.

How can I create new questionnaires?

Click on your Initials at the right corner and select Questionnaire from the dropdown menu

Click on “Create new Questionnaire”.

You’ll be asked to give a name to that questionnaire. Click a suitable name and save it.

Now you can begin adding the questions by clicking on “Add question”

Select a response type and set additional options as needed .

You can make a question mandatory to answer by clicking on required.

Question response types & their descriptions

Text (Single)

Select text for short-form answers. These should be used when you're expecting responses from one word to a couple of sentences.

Text (Multiple lines)

For longer responses select “Text (Multiple lines)”. Candidates can respond to the question with multiple lines without any word capping.

Single Choice

Candidates can select the appropriate response with Single choice based question. You can automatically move candidates to Rejected stage based on their response to this kind of question.

Multiple Choice

With multiple choice based questions, you can give candidates the options to select multiple answers for each question.

Rating scale

Scale ratings allows candidates to respond to your questions on a scale from 1 to 5. You can automatically move candidates to Rejected stage based on their response to this kind of question.


Similar to Single choice question, dropdown lists give your candidate a number of options to choose from. This is a great way to save space if you have a long list of options, like list of skills, states etc. You can customize their options and automatically move candidates to Rejected stage based on their response to this kind of question.

Video Answers

You can also ask Candidates to submit/record a Video answer. This format is very helpful if you wish to get to know the candidate and their intent to joining your organization early on in a hiring process.

Add file

A file attachment is ideal if you’d like candidates to submit specific documentation, such as work samples or credentials.


Add description of the questionnaire and let the candidates know about what is the theme of this questionnaire. You can also place Infobox at then end of all questions too to let them know what they can expect a response from the recruiters etc.

Numeric Type

Numeric type questions allow candidates to only input numeric responses. This format is helpful if you wish to get specific inputs like salary and more.

Actions that you can take on each Question Card

Rejection Criteria

You can also set rejection criteria for the quantitative questions by setting the relevant parameter for clearing the round. If the candidates fails to attempt the question correctly he/she can be sent to the rejected stage automatically.

Deleting a question

By clicking on the “Bin” Icon on a question card you’ll be able to delete that question

Changing position

Move position of each question to up and down by using the arrows.

Duplicating questions

You can duplicate a question by clicking on “Copy” icon

Save questionnaire

Click on Save to save this questionnaire. You can always come back and make changes.

Editing a questionnaire

Clicking on the Specific “Questionnaire” will let you edit the questions/responses etc.

Preview Of Questionnaire

Once you save the questionnaire you can click on “Preview” button

You will be redirected to preview page where you can see how your questionnaire would look like to Candidates.

Candidates will get the questionnaire at the time of job application. Once they submit the questionnaire they will be automatically shifted to questionnaire qualified or rejected stage based on their responses.

Viewing Candidate Responses

You can view candidate response on the candidate's page. On the left panel you can see Questionnaire qualified stage where you can get the list of candidates who have qualified the questionnaire can be seen.

You can see the candidates who have submitted responses. Click on the icon beside send email to view the status of response.

You can also view the candidate profile and see the questionnaire responses in detail.

On opening the candidate profile you can view the questionnaire responses in the questionnaire tab and click on the response.

Similarly you can the automatically rejected candidates from Instascreen in the Rejected stage on the left panel of candidate's page.

That's all about Questionnaire feature. Try it now to automatically assess candidates.

Updated on: 14/03/2024

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