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how to post a job

How to post a job

This articles explains on all aspects related to posting a job. Whether you're a seasoned recruiter or just beginning to explore our innovative technology, this article has everything you need to know about talent acquisition and team building. We understand how important it is to find the right talent, and we're here to support you every step of the way. Let's dive in and unlock the potential of our platform together!

Posting a job on Instahyre is easy and intuitive

Go to the jobs section & click on add a new job & fill the following text boxes.

Enter the job title

Enter the title of the job position you are hiring for. Eg. Software Engineer.

Select the job function

This comprises the functional category of the position you are hiring for. It’s important to select the correct functional area for the best results. Choose the correct job function from the drop down menu.

Select the experience range

Select the min and max experience by selecting the years through the drop-down menu.

Enter the salary range

It's mandatory to add the salary while posting a job. However, it will not be shown to the candidates. It is only used by our Instamatch algorithm to show you matching candidates.

Enter the job locations

You can add up to three locations. You will only be shown candidates who are currently in these locations or are willing to relocate to these locations.

Enter the job description

Type or paste your job description in the text box. An effective, as well as transparent job description, is important to engage the candidate. Enter clear roles and responsibilities about the job here.

Add team members to collaborate on this job with

If you want to collaborate with a team member, you can add them as shown below while adding or editing a job. All team members who are collaborating on a job can view and contact candidates for that job, and have a shared view of the pipeline of candidates for that job. For example, if a candidate is shortlisted by you, your collaborators will also see that candidate as shortlisted.

First, make sure that you've added your colleague to your account's Team Page. Then, while adding or editing the job, click on the text box as shown below and select or enter the name of the team member to add. You can see a list of name who will be shown this job posting.

Required Skills

You can add the necessary skills required for the position here.

Select the Job Coordinator for the job

You can select the JC for the job here. It will be the recruiter who will be responsible for coordinating and scheduling interviews.

Advanced Options

Here you can further tailor the job posting to your specific needs and preferences by adding these requirements. It covers various aspects such as location, gender, and notice period. If the position requires the candidate to be based in a certain location can clarify this in detail. Being transparent about location expectations helps candidates assess whether they are geographically suited for the role. Similarly if it is a gender specific job you can mention that here. Also, if the roles needs to be filled quickly you can specify the desired notice period that candidates should have before joining

Click on Next for the next stages of the hiring pipeline

Custom Interview Stages

You can then set custom interview stages according to the job opening. More details on it is given in this article.


On the next page you can set Fair Evaluation and Instascreen feature for the job opening.

Updated on: 08/02/2024

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