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How to add a job - Hiring Pipeline

After successfully creating a job. You can go to the next step where you can select stage owner, edit custom interview stages, add or delete an interview round etc. This articles covers all the steps of the hiring pipeline stage while adding a job.

Hiring Pipeline

For editing any stage click on the edit option on the left of the section.

You can manage the sourcing stages and add the team member who will be incharge of the particular round. Add the interview round name and the evaluator/interviewer you wish to choose for that round.

If you want to choose a default intervierwer for all rounds click on default interviewer option. Choose the interviewer you want and click on save.

In the offer stage choose the stage owner who will decide the offer letter and negotiations at this round.

Automated Actions

These contain three options and are triggered when the candidate enters a stage.

An automatic inactivity alert is sent to the Stage Owner(SO) if the candidate is not moved to the next stage after a stipulated period of time. You can choose that period in the box given below. For instance if you've kept 3 days as a buffer time. An alert will be sent to the SO after 3 days of inactivity.

In the next option a team member is notified when a candidate enters a stage.

You can format the email to be sent to the team member upon clicking this option. Set a saved template or create your own for intimating the team member. Add the team member's name you want to notify and click save.

In the third option an email is sent to the candidate after he/she enters a stage. Like the previous step you can choose a template or create your own content. You can also automate this step by adding the number of hours you to delay by or auto reject the candidate if he/she doesn't respond in a couple of days. Click Save after you've done editing the email.

Voila! You are done with the custom interview stages. Also this is an optional stage as you can also select a default template and add stages on "Candidates" page after adding a job later as well. Click here to know more.

Updated on: 08/02/2024

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