Sharing Profiles

When you collaborate with your team for hiring, you need to share candidate profiles for reviews and feedback. These team members may be registered on Instahyre, and few would be outside of the Iinstahyre platform.

Three ways to share Candidates.

1. Bulk Excel Download

You could click on “Select all” or manually select candidates from the checkbox on the candidate's page.

Once done, click on “Download Resumes.”

You’ll be able to see a pop up to select “Zip download” or “Excel download”. Select the box applicable to you.

Finally, click on the “Download” button.

You can now share these candidate profiles by sending them as an attachment by email.

2. Sharing through Interview invites

Candidate profiles are also shared when you invite team members as interviewers.

To learn more about scheduling interviews with candidates and invite team members. Click here to check out the scheduling article.

3. Sharing profiles through the “Share resume” button

Click on the “Share resume” button from the candidate profile.

Now select the team members you’d like to share the profile with from the dropdown menu. For Team members who are not registered on the platform, you could directly type their email ids.

You can also add a custom message while you share the candidate profile.

Select whether you wish to share CTC details with the team member or not.

Share Via URL - You can copy the link and share it with your team members. Anyone who has the link under Via URL will be able to access the candidate profile. Be careful how you share the link.

Share Via shared page dashboard - Once you click on the “share” button, the team members will receive the link to access their emails as well as the shared candidates will be visible under the “shared” page.

Navigating Shared Page Section

The shared page dashboard helps you access all the candidates that have been shared with you in past 30 days.

Accessing shared page

Go to the candidate's page from the top bar through your Instahyre account.
Here you can see all the candidates that have been shared with you in past 30 days.

Updated on: 24/05/2023

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