Rejection Reasons

In this article, you will find information on how to utilize our "Rejection Reasons" functionality. This feature enables you to provide explanations for why a candidate was rejected, making it easier you to track application status.

To use this feature. Click on the settings tab from your display icon at the top right corner.

Click on Rejection reasons, from the left-hand side panel.

The Rejection Reasons window will open.

Note: "Allow only admins to create new reasons" can only be enabled/disabled by admins, for rest it will be disabled with tooltip.

There are two tabs on the page - Active and Archived.

Active Tab

Search bar: This search bar is present in both the Active and Archived tabs. It is used to search for reasons within the respective tab.

How to add a rejection reason

Click on "Add new reason" button.

You can write your rejection reason. The word limit for this is 30 characters.

If the user enters the same reason that is already present, It will show an error.


The reason contains three data points: 'Reason,' 'Created by' (First name of user who created) and 'Created on' in format (Aug 31, 2023). There are a few "most common rejection reasons" that will be already present by default -

* Not qualified
* Unresponsive
* Not interested in role
* Duplicate
* Interview no-show
* Poor communication skills
* Not a cultural fit
* Declined offer
* Position closed
* Other

How to edit a reason.

Click on the edit icon corresponding to the rejection reason you wish to update.

Once you click, Edit rejection reason box will open. Enter your updated rejection reason. Make sure the reason you enter is limited to 30 characters.

If a user modifies the reason to some other existing reason which is already existing it will show an error.

Archive option:

You can archive any reason. Click on the archive option. It will show a message to confirm whether you want to archive the reason or not. Click on archive to proceed. In case you do not want to archive click on cancel.

Note: Editing and archiving 'Default' rejection reasons are not allowed; these two options for default reasons will be disabled with a tooltip.

Reordering reasons

You can arrange the rejection reasons as per your choice.Simply drag and reorder as per your wish.

The order of the reasons kept in the 'Active' tab will be exactly followed in the rejection reason dropdown options when rejecting candidates.

Archived Tab

This tab consists of all the archived reasons, these reasons will not be shown in the dropdown while rejecting candidates.
A search bar is there that will be used to search the unarchived reasons.
Besides reasons two options will be there, one is edit which is the same as explained above another is unarchive.
When the unarchive option is clicked, a message will open, confirming whether they want to unarchive the reason, with two options: either cancel or unarchive.

Once a reason is unarchived successfully, a message will appear to indicate that the reason is unarchived.

When no archived reasons are present in that case this is how this tab will appear in the empty state.

For Non Admin users (when Allow only admins to create new reasons is enabled)

In such a scenario, almost all functionality of the page, including both active and archive tabs, will be disabled for non-admin users, accompanied by a tooltip.

How to enable rejection reasons ?

To enable the rejection reasons you need to toggle the option in the hiring pipeline window.

This toggle option will allow users to choose whether providing a rejection reason is necessary when moving a candidate to the 'Rejected' stage.\

When this option is enabled users will be shown a box to enter the rejection reason when they try to move a candidate to the 'Rejected stage'.

Users can choose whether providing a rejection reason is necessary when moving a candidate to the 'Rejected' stage. When this option is enabled, users will be asked to enter the rejection reason if they have rejected the candidate.

How to reject a candidate?

Candidates can be rejected, i.e. moved to the "Rejected stage" from various pages.

Rejecting a single candidate -

Go to the candidates page and select the candidate card of the candidate you wish to reject. Click on the "reject" option at the end.

On clicking the option, a drop-down will appear containing reasons.

The "Other" option is available in case they wish to enter a reason that is not listed.

You can also reject the candidate by clicking on the candidate profile.

After selecting the reason, the reject button will be enabled, and the candidate can be rejected. Once rejected, the usual message will be shown, which we currently display when candidates are rejected.

How to reject candidates in bulk

On the candidates page. Select the candidates you wish to reject.

Move them to the reject stage.

Once a candidate is rejected the same reason will be shown to them in the rejected stage, in case of bulk candidate rejection the same rejection reason will be applied for all candidates in their 'rejected' stage.

All the candidates will be sent to the rejected stage.

Rejecting candidates through Kanban View.

In the Kanban view. For rejecting a single candidate simply click on the candidate card and select the reject option at the top.

For rejecting candidates in bulk. Select the candidates you want to reject and move them to the rejected stage at the top./

Filtering rejected candidates on candidates page

You can see the candidates based on their rejected reason on the candidates page. Simply go to the candidate's page and click on the rejected stage from the left side bar. Then click on the filter option.

You can select the rejection reason based on which you want to filter the candidates.

*The list of candidates rejected for that particular reason appears.

Updated on: 17/10/2023

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