Instahyre ATS Chrome Extension

In this article learn about how you can leverage Instahyre's ATS Chrome extension to directly add candidate profiles to your Instahyre ATS from websites like LinkedIn and others.

Please note ATS Chrome Plugin is only available for subscription users.

How to Install Instahyre ATS Chrome Extension?

Go to Chrome webstore click here
Access Instahyre ATS Chrome Plugin
Click on 'Add Extension'
Once Installed Instahyre Icon will appear in the chrome extension panel with a message box confirming the installation was successful.
You can pin the extension to your navigation bar for easy access.

You can also download from your Instahyre account. Go to Integrations from your top right menu and click on Browser Plugins.
You can then download our latest chrome extension version from this page.

Install the extension based on the tooltip given at the page.

Sign in using your Instahyre employer credentials

When you click the Instahyre icon from your navigation bar in Chrome, the Instahyre ATS Chrome extension opens in the sidepanel of your window,
The tab of Instahyre login page opens. Use your Instahyre employer credentials to sign in.

How Instahyre ATS chrome extension works!

Instahyre ATS Chrome plugin is Smart & Intuitive. It has the ability to identify and discover candidate information from websites like Linkedin. It can automatically parse information like Candidate name, Current company, Designation, Location, Experience, Skills and more.
You can access the chrome extension from the sidepanel of your chrome browser whenever you are on a job search site.

Once you are on a relevant webpage our chrome extension will identify if its a candidate profile and will send you a prompt to 'Add this candidate' to Instahyre.
Then click on 'Next' and we will show you all the relevant candidate info identified by the Instahyre ATS extension.
Resume will also be automatically uploaded if available. Otherwise you can also manually upload candidate.

Please note you can manually add all the missing candidate information as well.

Once you are done, click on 'Add candidate on Instahyre' and the candidate information will be successfully imported.
You can now view the candidate on Instahyre.

Please note - Candidate can be added in any job and stage, if not specified they will go to "Uploaded candidates"

If you don't have sourcing access you wont be able to use the chrome extension. You can request access from your Admin or share that profile.

For every new version of the Chrome Extension, you'll get an update notification prompting you to use the latest Instahyre Chrome Extension.

Q. There is a webpage through which i wish to import the candidate but Instahyre ATS prompt is not appearing?

There could be few webpages which are not supported by Instahyre ATS Chrome extension either because there not enough candidate information or the website doesn't allow parsing. But, don't worry! If you wish to add a candidate from those webpages, click on the extension icon and manually add all the candidate information.

Updated on: 10/01/2024

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