How to setup SSO with Google Suite

To enable Single Sign-on through Google Admin Console you need to have an existing configured application on Google Suite.

Create a new application for SSO in Google Suite

Go to your Google Admin Console and click Apps.

Select SAML apps.

Click Add App > Add custom SAML app.

Under Step 1 of the pop-up, fill in an app name and click Continue.

In Step 2, download the IDP metadata file under Option 1. Click Continue.

In Step 3 add the following values:

Entity ID: instahyre
Select the box for Signed Response
Name ID: Basic Information > Primary Email
Name ID Format: EMAIL

Under Step 4 click Add mapping and enter the following details:
"email -Basic Information - Primary Email" and click finish.

Go to the new SAML App's overview and open the User access settings.

Set the SAML App for Instahyre as ON for everyone and Save the choice.

Log into Instahyre and go to Integrations > Single Sign On from your admin account.

After the metadata file is uploaded, SSO will be enabled.

You can invite users and manage permissions/user settings from your Identity provider

Updated on: 14/10/2022

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