Candidate Surveys

Candidate surveys play a crucial role in understanding the perspectives of candidates and gather feedback from the candidates. Instahyre's Candidate surveys give an opportunity to gather feedback on the interview process so that the employer can improve the overall hiring process. Let's understand how you can effectively optimize candidate surveys to enhance your recruitment process.

Why are candidate surveys important?

By soliciting feedback through surveys, organizations demonstrate their commitment to candidate experience and engagement. This can positively impact the employer brand and attract top talent in the long run.
Surveys help in pinpointing specific pain points or bottlenecks in the recruitment process.
Gathering feedback systematically through surveys allows organizations to make data-driven decisions.
In today's competitive talent market, providing an exceptional candidate experience can set organizations apart from their competitors.

How to use Candidate Surveys

Accessing the candidate survey page is your first step towards gathering valuable insights. Here's how you can do it -

Click on the profile icon on the navigation bar, and go to candidate survey from the drop down menu.

Note - This option is only visible to admins

Crafting Survey Questions

The survey page comprises two sections: an introduction section and another section where survey questions will be present. Admins can manage the questions asked to candidates as part of the candidate survey. The heart of your candidate survey lies in the questions you ask. Let's dive into managing and customizing these questions.

Introduction Section

This section contains a detailed introduction to get acquainted with the page.
You can find additional resources such as help center articles and youtube video for further guidance.

Questions Section

It contains 4 default questions, including 3 questions about overall satisfaction with the hiring process and more which are non editable.

Non editable questions -

How satisfied are you with the overall hiring process?
How satisfied are you with the professionalism and conduct of the interviewers?
How satisfied are you with the communication from the employer throughout the hiring process?

Editable question-

Any additional comments or suggestions for our company to improve the hiring process?

Besides each question, there are options to edit or delete it. You can customize the questions by editing, deleting, or adding new ones to tailor the survey to your organization's needs.

Note - You cannot edit non-editable questions.

Adding New Questions

To add a new question, click on the "Add a new question" option.

Select the question type.

Enter the question text and options (if applicable). If the 'Save' button is clicked without entering any required fields, an error alert will be displayed.

You can make this question important by clicking on the 'Require' checkbox on the top right. These questions are represented by an asterisk ().

Save the changes once you are done.

You can add a maximum of 9 questions. To add more questions, delete or modify the existing ones.

Editing/Deleting/Reordering Questions

You can easily modify questions by utilizing the edit and delete options. Besides each question, edit and delete options are provided.

You can edit the question by clicking on the edit option. Save the changes once you are done.

Note - You cannot edit non editable questions -

You can delete the question by clicking on the delete option. A warning message appears to ensure that you will be deleting the question.

When you hover over questions, an icon appears on the left with a tooltip. You can drag the question and place it anywhere on the list. Also, on the survey form, the questions will be displayed in the same order that the user has set here.

Previewing Your Survey

Before rolling out your survey, it's essential to preview it for accuracy and effectiveness. Here's how you can do it:

Click the preview button located at the top right corner to open the survey in a new tab, allowing for a thorough review before distribution.

Configuring Survey Settings

You can fine-tune your survey settings to ensure optimal performance and relevance. There are five configuration options in the survey configuration page.

Choose the stage for which the survey needs to be sent. By default `Hired or Rejected stage' will be selected.

Select the time at which candidates should receive the survey. By default, the delay will be set to 1 day. The minimum allowed limit is 12 hours and a maximum of 30 days. If a user enters any value out of range error will be shown.

Choose the job function for which candidates will receive the survey. By default, 'All' will be selected, meaning candidates from all jobs will receive the survey.

The job function selected by you will determine which candidates will receive the survey. For example, if you select 'Frontend Development' only candidates who are being considered for job postings in the 'Frontend Development' job function will receive the survey.

Choose the job location for which candidates will receive the survey. By default, 'All' will be selected, meaning candidates from all jobs will receive the survey.

The job location selected by you will determine which candidates will receive the survey. For example, if you select 'Bangalore' only candidates who are being considered for job postings in ''Bangalore' locations will receive the survey.

Customize the email to be sent to candidates for feedback. Click on save changes once you are done.

Candidate Experience of Survey page

This is how the page will look once candidate open the survey form link. When candidates open the survey form, it will display all the questions that the recruiter has added, in the same order as listed on the 'Survey Questions' page.

If a candidate clicks on the submit button without answering the mandatory questions, an error message will be shown along with a 'This field is required' alert corresponding to each required question.

Note - If the candidate opens the link again or goes back to the previous page, they will not be able to fill out the survey again.

In conclusion, candidate surveys are essential for gathering feedback, improving processes, enhancing employer brand, retaining talent, fostering innovation, making data-driven decisions, and gaining a competitive advantage in the talent market. Use this feature on Instahyre now.

Updated on: 13/02/2024

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